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I'm new. Where to begin?

2014-01-23 17:24:28 by Bui-kun

I've never made an acconunt here before but I used to to watch Robert Benfer's/Knox Korner's Klay World alot, watch game parody movies, play user made games and bunches of other stuff, etc.(I beat Alien Hominid which was unforgivingly hard!)

I like Anime, Manga, drawing, collecting weird stuff and Video games like the classic JRPG's- And that's why I made an account here. I wanna start playing the cool games they have here and start collecting all the points, hight stats, level ups, badges and upgrades for my profile. I think that's a really cool idea Newgrounds!

Sooo... any tips on how to get started here? Like I said earlier I like to draw so I can start uploading some of my art for just anyone to see. And how do I get the maximum amount of Exp. points and stat raises day again?  


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